Sports Triton brings latest sophisticate  product to Thai ways of living. We add values to the distribution the products for the selective dealer ,  by using innovative go-to market strategies, relentless branding efforts, user-friendly technical support, and professional after market services.


We ensure innovative products go to market through innovative strategies. At Sports Triton , our job is to place the product at the right place, through the right people, with the right promotion, and at the pricing. We do not believe that products can be moved along intermediaries without careful planning, effective strategies, and attractive promotions. We utilize product roadshows, rebate coupons, database marketing, product reviews in multiple media channels to enhance the visibility of our supplier’s products. Our goal is not only to deliver innovative products to end users but to do it in style and in the most effective ways.



Sports Triton can deliver its product to all areas in Thailand and neighboring countries. We have a large fleet of delivery team that provides next-day delivery within Bangkok and vicinity area. Our computerized inventory system also accurate tracks the delivery and arriving time at the destination.

A Sustainable Corporate, in Sport Gear ands Gadget ; Hi-Technology innovation

With the 4-years-experience in stepping-up the small team workplace to be the sustainable corporate, Sports Triton ’ve taken its milestone on the sustainable business philosophy. We believe in balance of efficiency, the happiness of our staffs as well as relevant people and direction of business growth without hidden burden to the world society.

Sustainable way of doing business should walk on its pave way of sustainable relationship which comprised of friendship, understanding, helping each other. Most of all it must have been done on the professional and advanced technology team work.

We will bring a touch of happiness to our partners and customers. We will be the first one the customers will think of since they always derive the most valuable good services and products as well as friendship from our team.

Our company will be our learning place for our staffs that can improve their opportunity and capability. Out staffs shall be happy with friendly environment, good standard of living in workplace.

We believe people is the key of success in all organization. We’re bound for making a beautiful mind society. Started from our inside teamwork passed through our partners customers and relevant people. With the chain of beautiful mind society, the world will be a good place for all of us to live together.